Class trip

The aim of the foundation of Füle Ranch was to take part in the natural education of nursery school and school children. In addition, it shapes the healthy, sporty way of life with the help of experience based learning.

The educative value of dealing with horse is highly important for us. This has a beneficial effect to the personal development, the general lifestyle and health promotion.

The following services and programmes are available for those who visit Füle Ranch:

  • Carriage ride
  • Riding
  • Horseheards show
  • Animal stroking
  • Kitchen garden
  • Classroom
  • Playground

Dear Teachers! If you like our offers please contact us. Our offers are expanding continuously, we try to give home to every realizable plans!

Further information:

Emese Milus: (+36) 20 239 5521
Attila Csiló: (+36) 20 456 4572


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