Horse riding

Horse riding

Our main profile is horse riding. On Füle Ranch everybody can try out our qualified, examined, child-friendly horses. Our offer includes lunging-rein pony rides, lunge ride, class ride, cross-country and tour rides, show-jumping and dressage test training depends on age and level of knowledge. Those who just would like to relax  or just go with his relatives, friends on a pleasent trip can travel on a horse carriage.

In the colder, rainy seasons our indoors hall can provide place to our services.



Riding tour

Due to big interest we often organize horse tours. The great countryside can satisfy the most ambitious riders­’ different needs. We can assume one-two hours cross-country ride and more days ’star shape tour’, as well.

Recreation is guaranteed by professional horse instructors, trainers and highly qulified riders.

Further information and application:

Attila Csiló: (+36) 20 456 4572

Livery Stable

We offer high-level horse keeping as „good farmer” to the riders in the region. Our infrastructures, possibilities:

  • 10 EU standard (and 3 bigger) loose-boxes with valvular automatic drinking-trough, oats holder, salt-lick holder
  • ventilation system with airhole, ammonia vent hood
  • automatic fire-water system, outdoor hoof washer, alarm
  • supplementary forage storage (2 rooms) in the stable
  • lavoratory with shower from the stable, dressing room, office
  • private, customized locker saddle box in the stable
  • continuous veterinary control, local farrier, private foraging
  • big electric fence and safe fence bordered grassy folds with valvular automatic drinking-trough
  • periodic grazing, regular grass conditioning
  • circle folds to lunge riding, sandy (rolling) fold, outdoor sandy, new built, modern 2400m2 orbit, perfect cross-country ridding opportunities
  • 80m2 heated club room with well equipped warming kitchen 20 m far from the stable
  • customized renting contracts which garantee the oral agreements

Further information:

Attila Csiló: (+36) 20 456 4572




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